10 Things To Do in Goa

1. Walk Along the ocean in Palolem Beach

Enjoy the crescent-shaped beach and its fine white sand. Go have some food or something to drink in one of the beach restaurants.

2. Visit Anjuna Beach

Take a walk at the little market and go to the bar on the cliffs. Enjoy the view from to the beach and the ocean.

3. Visit Old Goa and the Churches

Enjoy the beauty of these old buildings.

4. Visit Panjim and its landmark the church “Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception”

At the Church walk along 18th June Road (and the streets close by) for a shopping tour. Whatever you need, you find it here.

5. Take a rikscha to go somewhere

Maybe from Panjim to Old Goa or to the next beach from where you are staying.

6. Visit a Temple

And watch all the beautiful colors and flowers and all the Rangoli on the floor.

7. Visit a Spice Plantation

And learn more about how to make spices.

8. Buy a scarf!

You can find any color and any fabric you like. Buy one or even more scarves. All women love them. They also make a good birthday or Christmas present.

9. Get some clothes tailored

Best thing is to bring a pair of pants or anything else that fits you perfectly. Bring your favorite item with you, find a fabric you like and have your clothes replicated.

10. Buy some fresh fruits!

It’s all better than everything we have in Europe. Consider some of fruits we usually have to import (Papaya, Mango, Bananas etc.). It’s a whole different fruit here in India.

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