A Suggestion Where to Stay in Kaziranga, Assam: United 21 Grassland Resort

There are plenty hotel options when you want to visit the Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India. Some information on the place we stayed in, you can get in this article. 

We booked our hotel in advance. The Lonely Planet hotel list did not help: the hotels either did not exist anymore or were fully booked (as it happens so often to Lonely Planet Hotels). Online we found a place called United 21 Grassland Resort that was not even mentioned in Lonely Planet.

On google this hotel has 3.7 stars. I don’t understand why. Things worked very well for us. The rooms were spacious and clean; the facility has a small park, a pool, lawns, pavilions and a porch for the room. The pool wasn’t that great, but swimming in a pool in India as a woman, you should really think twice about that. There was a room service, the room was clean and we even had warm (hot!) water in the shower. The sheets and towels were clean and neat.

There is a restaurant with good food and service. They serve food everywhere in the hotel, not only in the restaurant. The staff was friendly and helped us organizing the safaris.

The hotel is only 5 minutes to the west gate (Baori). You can also easily reach the main gate. It’s only takes a while to reach the east gate (Agartoli). It was too far for us, our neighbors did the tour to the east gate.

I would come back any time. We even got a discount on makemytrip and the room was not even expensive.

Further information on our experiences visiting the National Park itself you can see here.

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