Taking an Offroad Jeep Tour in Cozumel – Would I Buy One of these Day Tours?

Cozumel, an island at the eastern coast of Yucatan, Mexico, has many offroad jeep tours offers. What I think about these tours and if I would want to take one.

First things first: we did not do one of these offroad tours. But, because we did spend quite an amount of time on the island, we met the jeep tour several times. They always go to Punta Sur (on the sandy road) as well as San Gervasio (the Maya Ruins in the center of the island).

These jeep tours are loud, they are usually heard before they are seen. Several jeeps drive in a line, they follow each other. The guests need to stay in that line and are not allowed to drive anywhere else. The jeeps look quite cool, no roof, roll bar and they are always full. When you are less than 4 in a group, you need to share the jeep with someone else.

To me, these jeeps drive rather slowly, the tour itself is not even that cool. All the streets (in Punta Sur and San Gervasio) are regular but unpaved streets and a standard passenger car is sufficient for the streets. Offroad simply means an unpaved road, nothing else.
These offroad tours are sold as a whole day package including lunch, beach visit and snorkeling tour. If you have very little time, this might be an easy way to see Cozumel quickly. But that’s it. It’s definitely not a huge offroad challenge, we did all the same routes on a scooter.

I would not do the tour but that is very much up to you.

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